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No Major Purchases of Any Kind - This includes furniture, appliances, electronic equipment, jewelry, vacations, expensive weddings and automobiles.

Do Not Move Money Around - When a lender reviews your load package for approval, one of the things they are concerned about is the source of funds for your down payment and closing costs. Most likely, you will be asked to provide statements for the last two or three months on any of your liquid assets. This includes chequing accounts, savings accounts, money market funds, certificates of deposit, stock statements, mutual funds, and even your retirement account.If you have been moving around money between accounts during that time there may be large deposits and withdrawals in some of them.

The mortgage underwriter (the person who actually approves your loan) will probably require a complete paper trail of all the withdrawals and deposits. You may be required to produce cancelled cheques, deposit receipts, and other seemingly inconsequential data, which could get quite tedious.So leave your money where it is until you talk to your load officer.  Oh…don’t change banks, either.