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Common Mortgage Mistakes
Getting a mortgage is easy, right? You’ve seen the TV commercials and the billboard ads touting promises like, “Get approved for a mortgage today!” Well, sorry to break the news, but the reality is...
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Edmonton House Prices Drop, But Mortgage Troubles Also Down
Average home prices in the Edmonton area dropped 3.6 per cent last month compared to July 2017, led by a 6.2 per cent decline in the value of condominiums, new statistics show.The cost of the...
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Edmonton House Prices on a Downward Trend
Home prices in the Edmonton region are down from one year ago as sales continue to drop, statistics released Wednesday show.The average selling price for all types of housing was $377,880 in June, a ...
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What Extreme Heat Does to the Body
Temperatures are beginning to soar for much of the country as the summer of 2018 begins in earnest, often feeling much hotter with the humidity. When it is this hideously hot, it's usually a good...
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