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General Types of Investors1. FLIPSThere are a large number of investors wanting to flip homes or sell the property in 6 months for a higher price and profit. Most in this category usually end up with...
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Borrowing for a Down Payment - How the Flex Down Mortgage Works
Let’s face it, saving up for a down payment on a home is difficult, especially for first time home buyers! Housing prices have increased which makes the down payment requirement even more challenging....
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Investor Flip Program
The Property Flip Mortgage allows a borrower to leverage their real estate up to 80% of the After-Renovated Appraised Value (with a minimum $10,000 down). Industry standard is to only lend up to 80%...
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Purchase Plus Improvements Program
Purchasing a home is not easy these days. You’ve worked hard and saved enough for a down payment, land transfer tax, closing costs, and moving expenses. However, even if you own a home today, moving...
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