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Can You Pass the Mortgage Stress Test?
As of Jan. 1, Canadians getting, renewing or refinancing a mortgage might have to undergo a stress test, proving that they would be financially OK even if interest rates were to rise...
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Drop in Edmonton Area Home Sale Prices
Residential sales along with prices of homes in the Edmonton area are both lower than they were last year at this time, show the latest real estate figures.Total residential unit sales in the...
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Looking for a mortgage broker?
Use me if....- You want to feel at ease while searching for a mortgage- You are wanting the best rates- You are wanting me to provide you the best service. - Looking for a Mortgage company with top...
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Perdictions for Canada's Mortgage Market in 2019
It’ll be hard to top the anticipation borrowers felt going into last year, a year that gave us one of the biggest mortgage rule changes of all time – the new “stress test” – and a ...
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